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Who. Why. What. Where. When

Drawing upon experience working within the historical education and entertainment world for over ten years, our workshop facilitators have worked upon a unique and engaging set of workshops to help create a love of history within the imagination of your pupils.

During this time we have worked with castles, schools and private groups to put together a unique educational experience.


We believe that  learning is more effective when children are able to engage their imagination and have fun so our workshops are designed to be as interactive, fun and engaging as possible whilst being accurate and educational for all ages.


Our Workshops


Tried and Tested

Our workshops range from hour-long workshops to all day events.

Each workshop designed to fully engage children throughout, using questions, pictures, games and tactile experiences to encourage imagination and interest in the subject matter.

Support material for each workshop will be provided too with an optional worksheet designed to encourage other useful skills.

With multiple facilitators at hand to deliver our standard workshops we will often have availability on one of your first choices of date.

All Facilitators arrive in uniform, fully DBS checked and with copies of risk assessments and insurance on hand


Castles and Knights

A fully-armoured knight will lead your class in a workshop aimed at teaching all about the Middle Ages. Using an array of armour and weapons to paint a picture and provide a unique and tactile learning experience.


Objectives covered:


Castles: How, what, why and when.

The Middle Ages.

Knights and soldiers.

Armour and its purpose.

Weapons and their usage .


The Normans and 1066

A Norman knight in maille will lead your class through a thrilling look at one of our most notable periods in time! Bringing a selection of weapons and armour to bring the Norman conquest to life in a fun and creative way.



Objectives covered:


Normans: Who were they?

Motte and Bailey castles

Norman education

Norman weapons and armour

1066 Edward the Confessors death

Claimants to the Throne

The Battle of Stamford bridge

The Battle of Hastings

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