What age range do you cater for?

All of our workshops cater for ages 5-11. Though our facilitators have extensive experience educating children outside of this age and adults too. As we move forward we will no doubt offer workshops for older groups however for now, we recommend booking us for a one to one session or small group session to facilitate this.

What are the Ranks of the Order of Education?

We are constantly devising and creating new and exciting workshops. After completing a set of workshops your child will progress to the next rank. For example after workshops 1-4 are completed your child will be inducted into the Order of Education by becoming a PAGE, receiving a certificate and badge for their hard work and participation. Further sets of workshops will raise them from PAGE to SQUIRE to KNIGHT.

How do you go to the toilet in your armour?

Definitely our most frequently asked question.. though we can't give the answer away here, you will have to join us on our Protecting the Knight workshop!

Can I watch workshops offline?

At the moment no, however we intend to publish video posts that you can download and watch at your leisure.

Where have we seen you before?

You may well have seen us in a number of places. We provide entertainment for Castles and heritage sites throughout the country as part of the Warwick Warriors! (www.facebook.com/warwickwarriors) We have also filmed for various shows, including 'My first Castle' CBEEBIES, Blue Peter, This Morning, GMTV, BBC News, ITV news and many many more!

Do I have to complete all workshops?

All of our workshops work both as part of the course and stand alone. Every part of what we offer is optional, if there is any part you would like to opt out of then just let us know.

Is there any physical resources?

For every workshop we have designed a fun worksheet to be used to recap all of the key points. This is an optional-free resource that can be found on our worksheet page. To access them you'll be given the password during the workshop!

Do I need to connect with Video and Audio?

The short answer is no! However we really recommend that you do. Our facilitators will aim to make every workshop as interactive as possible, answering and answering questions and playing visual games to keep everyone involved. However, if you would prefer to connect without and take part via the chat function only we are ok with that too.