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Welcome to The Order of Education

Fun and Educational

For over ten years we have worked within the historical education and entertainment world. During this time we have drawn upon our individual backgrounds to put together a unique educational experience. We all felt that our own historical education as children had let us down and not allowed us to engage our imagination so we developed our workshops to be as interactive, fun and engaging as possible whilst being accurate, informative and educational for all ages. Though don't take our word for it! Book onto one of our workshops and see for yourselves!


 Join the Order!

Become a Knight!

In our mission to keep learning fun we will give every child a chance to become a member of the Order of Education. As the workshops progress they will have the opportunity to obtain rank and collect certificates and badges that recognise them as members of The Order of Education. For example, completing workshops 1-4 will see your child earn the rank of PAGE.  As new content is added, new opportunities to learn, have fun and earn new ranks will arise!
This is Opt-in and by no means compulsory!